West Pennant Hills Hot Water System RepairsAt Plumber West Pennant Hills our electric and gas hot water system repair services are performed by highly experienced and fully licensed West Pennant Hills plumbers. All of our hot water system repair work is 100% guaranteed. We have fast response times & vast hot water system repair experience.

Electric & Gas Hot Water System Repairs

We have repaired, replaced, and installed countless gas and electric hot water systems in West Pennant Hills and we'd be honored if you chose our company to perform your hot water system repairs at your home or business. We've been labelled the hot water system repair specialist by quite a few local businesses and we'd be more than happy to demonstrate our skills at your business or residence.

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Gas Hot Water System Repairs

Gas Hot Water System Heater GuageThe majority of gas hot water systems are a little bit more technical to repair than electric hot water systems so they can be a lot harder for 'do it yourself' handymen to fault find and repair correctly. This is why it’s best to enlist the services of our professional West Pennant Hills plumbers which hold all of the relevant gas fitting licenses required to perform gas hot water system repairs. Best of all, the work they perform is always 100% guaranteed.

Fast ontime gas & electric hot water system repairs are only a phonecall away. Call us on 1300 736 858 for gtd' repairs.

Common Gas Hot Water System Faults

Gauge For Gas Hot Water SystemThe most common cause of having no hot water from your gas hot water system is due to the gas pilot light becoming extinguished. This could be a singular event due to a strong gust of wind and can usually easily be reignited using the gas hot water system ignition switch. However if the problem continues to occur then the chances are that your gas hot water system has a dirty probe on the pilot light that needs to be replaced.

Electric Hot Water System Repairs

Shower Hot WaterDue to the enclosed nature of electric hot water systems it can be quite difficult for anyone but licensed plumbers to repair them. Our experienced West Pennant Hills plumbers can accurately diagnose and pinpoint the fault causing your hot water problems without having to disassemble the entire electric hot water system. We stock a full range of the most commonly used parts and we rarely have to leave the job site to complete repairs.

We carry a vast array of spare parts on board so we can fix all electric hot water system faults on the spot with Gtd' results.

Common Electric Hot Water System Faults

Hot Water From TapvThere are only a few things that can actually go wrong with an electric hot water system. The majority of electric hot water system faults are caused by thermostats and heating elements. Faulty thermostats can present with myriad of symptoms such as hot water temperatures that fluctuate and are sometimes just not hot enough. Although the hot water supply lasts long enough, faulty thermostats will cause inconsistent hot water temperatures.

Electric Hot Water Heaters

Heater & Thermostat Faults on Electric Hot Water Systems

The main heating element of an electric hot water system is the other major culprit that causes most electric hot water systems to fail. Although our licensed plumbers can easily replace the heating element we usually advise against this course of action. To perform the job correctly is somewhat laborious & associated costs can easily add up to 75% of the price of a new system. The old tank will also fail long before the new heating element is put to good use.

Group of Electric Hot Water Heaters

Gas Hot Water System Pilot Light Faults

Other faults that cause the pilot light to continually become extinguished are faulty gas valves and thermocouples. Some of these faults can be very tricky to diagnose and all of the parts causing these faults should always be replaced by a licensed plumber. On very rare occasions we have seen pilot lights continually extinguished due to the placement of hot water systems being located in very windy areas. To rectify this, we can install wind guards.

West Pennant Hills Hot Water System Specialist

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Emergency Hot Water Repairs Sign

Emergency Hot Water System Repairs West Pennant Hills
There are times when your West Pennant Hills gas or electric hot water system needs to be up and running again immediately. We understand that most homes and businesses can be brought to a standstill without any hot water. Our emergency electric & gas hot water system repairs are carried out by fully equipped mobile service vans and we carry an extensive range of spare parts on board to get your hot water system functioning again quickly.

We understand that some businesses cannot be without their hot water supply and our sub 30 minute emergency response times are just a small part of our comprehensive West Pennant Hills emergency hot water repair service. Our highly experienced plumbers can quickly diagnose your electric and gas hot water system faults and have you up and running again in no time at all. We can also supply & install complete hot water systems should your entire hot water system need to be replaced.

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